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    24/7 Telephonic Service

    We can help you get your prescribed medication over the phone .

    Top quality services

    Our Pharmacy offer one of the best quality services , to all our clients

    Prescription Medication

    Drop your prescription for a quicker friendly service no long waiting queues

    General Front Store

    Merchandise (toiletries, vitamins, baby products and other general pharmacy products).
    About us

    Best in Pharmaceuticals Industry.

    Parklands Pharmacy (Pty) Ltd is a newly established business that operates in the Pharmaceuticals Industry. The business is in Parkland and offer healthcare services to people in this area, as well as surrounding areas in the Cape Town region

    • Qualified Pharmacist
    • Approved by SAPC
    • Prescribed Medications.
    • Professional Staff
    Call to appionment at any time 021 065 0255

    What We Offer

    We are a registered pharmacy and we offer best quality services

    Over-the-counter medication

    Schedule.1 & 2 Medicines

    Prescription medication

    Schedule 3, 4 and 7 rating.

    Lifestyle Supplements

    We have lifestyle supplements good for your health

    Health Care Products

    toiletries, vitamins, baby products and other general pharmacy…

    Flu Medication

    Bacterial infection as a complication from the flu,…

    Healthy Basic Food

    For all healthy food , we provide all…

    Oral Health

    We source and supply the best oral products…

    Facial Skin Care

    Instead of feeling tight and dry, get facial…

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    What is the return and refund process?

    Unfortunately we do not give refund for all our products , Our policy does not allow you to return products after buying. Make sure you buy the correct products before you leave our store.

    Do you accept medical aid at Parklands Pharmacy?

    Yes , we allow medical aid accounts, Please feel free to come with your medical aid , we will help you out.

    How to I get royalty loyal Card?

    You can register at Parklands Pharmacy or Lauma by simply filling in royal loyalty voucher enrolment form and you'll receive a plastic card or virtual card

    How do I get tested for COVID 19?

    Consult with your local clinic or visit one of our sites located in Cape Town. You will be contacted by a Parkalands Pharmacy registered nursing practitioner if your results are negative. If you are positive you will be contacted by a healthcare practitioner.
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